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Hypepotamus sat down with James Grady, founder and CEO of Package Solutions, to discuss the growing problem of e-commerce package delivery and the HelloPackage solution.

From the article:

HelloPackage, a hardware and software solution that allows carriers to easily scan a package, alert the resident, and place it anywhere in the proprietary plug-and-play shelf in the apartment complex’s package room.

While lockers may function well in a single-family home, they aren’t space-efficient for a large complex. A small envelope can tie up a large locker for 48 hours in traditional units, creating an “overflow mismatch” of volume and size.

The technology behind HelloPackage’s open shelving system allows the software to keep track of the package upon scanning by using weight sensors, smart cameras and machine learning.

For example, let’s say the carrier comes in with 100 packages, scans each at the station in under one second, and places it on the open shelving. The package or envelope’s weight is measured down to 20 grams (the weight of 10 envelopes with nothing in them) and up to 165 pounds. The software syncs the person’s name with the exact weight of their specific package so if the package gets moved around, the unit will track it.

The package owner receives an automatic alert via mobile app, email or text and a one-time code to open the door. Once they open the unit, the system lets them know where the package is, and even sends a photo so they can find it in under 30 seconds.

“The biggest idea here is that we’re actually building a package management system platform. We’re trying to tie together all of the players, which would be the carriers, the retailers, the apartment owners, and the residents, into an electronic platform to speed everything up for everybody.” 

Read the full article here or take a closer look at Formation’s role in the development.

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