Rob Huber joins Formation


We are excited to announce the addition of Rob Huber as the firm’s newest partner. Huber will facilitate client connections with emerging technologies that will influence the changing mobility industry.

Formation’s design methodology connects human interactions and emotions with a product environment, which creates deep co-relations between a brand and user by ensuring that the experience meets or exceeds their needs. Hiring Huber gives Formation inside access to bring its legacy capability in adaptable seating environments to the auto industry.

“Mobility is changing faster than we think, and companies are expecting new innovations that align with consumer expectations. For decades, Formation has created experience architectures anticipating this transformation, and Rob connects us directly into the mobility market,” said Bob Henshaw, partner at Formation Design. “Rob spent decades innovating design for automobile interiors, and has a vision for the transitions happening in mobility, from active driving to productive living environments.”

As an experienced design manager with more than 30 years in the automobile interiors industry, Huber is recognized for establishing key partnerships through global open innovation processes, which resulted in numerous product innovations. Most recently, Huber was VP of Innovation & Ventures at Faurecia, where he led advancement of the company’s Smart Life on Board and Clean Mobility programs through partnerships and commercialization of early stage technologies.

“Today is an exciting time for design in the auto industry, and as we create new environments for our mobile future, we are bringing together technologies and platforms to influence autonomy, connectivity, electrification and shared services,” said Huber. “The Formation team has fundamentally changed products and industries through design before, and they are poised to dramatically tear down the assumptions we use to approach mobility today.”

In all of its projects, Formation’s design team investigates human behaviors and interactions with products to produce extensive studies that identify opportunities and obstructions in the improvement of human experiences, environments, efficiency and brand expressions. Their work meets human interaction in its natural environments and seamlessly transitions products between comfortable living, productive working, dining, entertainment and sleeping.

“Rob has contributed significantly to Formation since his arrival, expanding our reach and quickly achieving results through his decades of design management experience,” said Russell Kroll, partner at Formation. “Rob’s insight and access in key markets is exactly what we need to deliver our style of strategic, experience architecture to the businesses that partner with Formation.”

Alyssa MellettNews