Formation Design Group

Solutions driven by understanding user needs, opportunity context, technology and the business of our clients.









Innovation Strategy

Developing strategy in the context of open innovation by connecting with startups, venture capitalists, and corporations around the world.


Trend + Tech Scouting

Understanding the latest trends and leading technologies then applying them to market opportunities.


Product Design + Design Strategy

Impacting markets with creative solutions that advance long term business goals.


User Experience Research + Design

Understanding workflows through generative research and creating human-centric solutions.


Research, Stimulus + Evaluation

Using a range of approaches including visualizations, VR, models and demonstrators to test insights and generate new ideas.


Concept Engineering

Rapidly creating testable solutions grounded in design engineering expertise.


Embracing Big Challenges

We believe all complex problems can be distilled into simple, human-centric solutions. Our process is user-focused, immersing ourselves in the experience of the user and translating insights into products that people need and desire.


Get Further, Faster in Formation

Deploy our cross-disciplinary designers to function as an extension of your organization, working collaboratively with the tools and software you’re familiar with – from Solidworks to Slack. Our adaptive nature and small teams promote fast problem understanding and project synchronicity.

Differentiation through Innovation

We embrace challenges that push boundaries, conventions, and scale to create new products and experiences that people need. Our three decades of innovation experience has helped our clients become design-oriented organizations that create uncontested markets through their innovative products.

Vertical Innovation

Design initiatives benefit from development continuity: when the same team makes the discovery, crafts the strategy, and makes the solution tangible. This preserves design intent, and ultimately the investment of design which is visibly embodied in the final physical product.


Prototype Lab

Our in-house Prototype Lab provides the ability to rapidly explore concept directions with tactility. From proof of concept mock-ups to high-fidelity appearance models and robust mechanisms, we can quickly iterate design solutions.


Digital Fabrication Lab

Equipped with soldering stations, diagnostic tools, a PCB reflow oven, and two large format 3D printers, our Digital Fabrication Lab allows us to quickly explore electromechanical designs and interactive prototypes.

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Satellite Locations

In addition to our Atlanta headquarters, we have two satellite locations in the San Francisco Bay area and Western Michigan. These facilities allow us to provide local support and connect to venture investment groups, startups, and local corporations.